About Santa / Christmas Karaoke

About Santa / Christmas Karaoke

In July 2019 I was inspired to write a Christmas song About Santa, for my great granddaughters, Maya and Emmy. It was great fun and the inspiration to create even more of these music videos set me on a project that has continued throughout the past year.

My background is that I am the lyric writer and drummer for the 1970's Capitol Records rock band, BANG. We made our mark in the heyday of Seventies Rock . When it came to writing songs for children about Santa, my band mates had no desire to write music to my words, so I turned to public domain and royalty free music. I found great melodies, Images, photos, gifs, animations and all sorts of stuff I could use to create my About Santa vision. These were beautiful elements I could use for free or by paying a small fee. How great is that?

So I began to create songs, searching hundreds of sites on the net to find exactly the type of music, vivid graphics and animations to appeal to children. My lyrics tell traditional but unusual stories for kids about Santa and Christmas. I have always enjoyed being a storyteller from the time my own three children were little tykes to today, so this project has been perfect for me.

It became my quest as I worked eight to ten hours every day over the past year. I just had a drive to create something fun for The Kids! Now I have created 25 Christmas Karaoke movies you can stream 3 months for $10. For $25 you get 3 months plus I will mail you 25 matching 8-page lyric booklets.
I have had so much fun creating Christmas Karaoke. I see kids and folks singing and dancing to my videos. I also tried to make it a fun way to improve reading skills as they follow the words on the screen or by reading from the cute little 8-page lyric booklet for each song. Can you see it? I sure can!

This is somering to join before Christmas, so kids can get excited about Santa coming with toys. Won't you place your order now? The Kids and I thank you.
Tony Diorio

About Santa / Christmas Karaoke
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  • Santa Knows

    Santa Knows
    Santa Knows
    What you want for Christmas
    Some say clothes
    That’s not what’s on your mind
    When its Christmas eve
    And you’re fast asleep
    I’ll be there with a sled of toys
    Just wait, you’ll see
    Santa Knows
    You tried to be good
    And it shows
    You were when you could
    When its Christmas eve

  • Workshops Out of Glue

    The Work Shop’s Out of Glue
    Santa needs to know something right now
    Oh what are we gonna do
    We have no way to make things stick
    The glue man called he’s stuck in the snow
    No way he ever ever gonna make it thru
    Someone tell Santa we’re all out of glue
    We have no glue
    We gotta have glue
    Can’t make ...

  • Here He Comes..With Toys

    Here he comes
    Here he comes
    With toys
    On his way
    With what you wanted
    Here he comes
    Make some noise
    Beat the drum
    Santa’s on his way
    Boys and Girls
    Singing’s fun
    Sing along
    Sing with me
    Here he comes
    With toys
    Beat the drum
    Santa’s on his way
    Sing along with me
    Singing fun
    Like candy
    Here he come...

  • I Wanna Get a Job with Santa

    I wanna get a job with Santa
    I wanna get a job with Santa
    I wanna work with him all year
    I wanna move up North with Santa
    I’ll take care of all his reindeer
    I’ll do a good job for Santa
    Working with the Elf’s making toy s
    I’ll get to spend time with Santa
    Making Toys for girls and boys
    Toys for a...

  • If Jesus Met Santa Claus

    If Jesus met Santa

    If Jesus met Santa
    What would he say
    He’d tell Santa, love the kids
    And their dreams are all ok

    If Jesus meets Santa Claus
    You know what he do
    He’d give Santa all the love
    Like He gives to me and you

    And it’s ok to dream
    Of flying reindeer
    Pulling a sled of toys...

  • I See Santa

    It’ so easy to be good
    Be good in every way
    And the toys you want
    Will be there Christmas Day
    Be sure to do your chores Everyday
    That’s what Santa wants to see
    Santa wants us
    To be good girls and boys
    Do you see flying reindeer
    Pulling toys in a sleigh
    He’ll be here Christmas
    That’s what Santa sa...

  • Santa Says

    Santa Says
    Santa says he’ll be headed our way
    With a sled full of toys
    Some for me and you
    When he gets here
    We’ll be fast asleep
    Dreaming bout toys we asked him for
    Santa says he knows we’ve been good
    Doing chores helping out
    When and where we could
    Cleaning house and stuff like that
    It so easy ...

  • Reindeer Having Fun

    Reindeer Having Fun
    Reindeer flying thru the sky at night
    Above the clouds flying out of sight
    Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Comet
    Reindeer having fun
    Reindeer all have to pass a test
    How far they fly without a rest
    Vixen, Cupid, Blitzen Red nose
    Reindeer having fun
    Reindeer looking to find your house...

  • Red Sled 1

    Red Sled 1
    Red Sled 1 is back in service
    Loaded with new High-Tec gear
    The elves were getting pretty nervous
    Would it be done
    In time for this year
    Red Sled 1 was due for upgrade
    The reindeer's approved what was new
    New cushions new seats and floor mats
    New windshield
    A spectacular view
    The new G...

  • Tonight's the Night

    Tonight’s the Night
    Can you hear the Church bells ring?
    See the city lights
    Can you hear the carolers sing?
    You know tonight’s the night
    Did you leave me cake and milk?
    Beside the Christmas tree
    Don’t worry I’ll find my way in
    If there’s no chimney
    All my Elf’s worked hard this year
    Preparing for...

  • Its Finally Christmas Night

    Finally Christmas Night
    I spend all year reading mail
    While elves are making toys
    I hear from kids around the world
    Precious girls and boys.
    You make me laugh and sometimes cry
    With what you wish from me.
    Some things you want are kinda weird
    I’m sorry it will never be
    Once there was this little g...

  • The Little Elf

    The Little Elf
    No one knows where he came from
    Showing up one very cold day
    Santa asked the little guy
    Would you like to stay
    Help us make toys and stuff
    For Christmas Day
    Even though he’s really really small
    Those pointy ears will always hear you call
    The little elf’s red boots have bells that r...

  • Greatest Day

    Greatest Day of thevYear
    I can’t wait till Christmas
    It’s the greatest day of the year
    Santa’s on his way
    I count every day
    Till he gets here
    I mailed my list for Christmas
    It’s the greatest day of the year
    I can’t wait to see
    What’s under the tree
    For me
    I’m so ready for Christmas
    The greatest d...

  • Feet First

    Feet First
    Be first
    Wake up you sleepy head
    Feet first
    Remember what Santa said
    Be First
    Up on Christmas day
    Feet first
    Go to your toys and play
    Be first
    Run don’t walk away
    It’s time to see what toys are under the tree
    If you’ve been good as good as you could
    Then listen to me
    Don’t be slow get ...

  • Santa Leaving Coal is Fake News

    Santa Leaving Coal is Fake News
    Lots of folks warn their kids
    telling them “You better Be Good”
    Spreading tales to make them scared
    They know it’s not so
    Something I’m accused
    Santa leaving coal Is all Fake News?
    One thing makes Santa really sad
    To tell a boy or girl their bad
    Now’s not the time ...

  • Where's Santa's Boots

    Where’s Santa’s Boots
    Where’s Santa’s Boots
    Santa wants to know
    All the elves are staring
    What will he be wearing?
    Where’s Santa’s Boots
    It’s way past time to go
    The sleigh is packed
    And it’s about to Snow
    All the Elves are looking for those boots
    And the reindeer are looking too
    Where did he lea...

  • Who's Been Good This Year

    Who’s Been Good This Year?
    Who’s been good this year?
    Santa wants to know
    You said you would write and tell Him
    You’ve been good this year
    Who’s been good this year?
    Santa’s wants to hear
    If you’ve been good
    Then write and tell him
    I’ve been good this year
    First you grab a pad
    Then you grab a pen...

  • Anyone Seen Santa

    Anybody Seen Santa
    Has anybody Seen Santa
    Do you know where he’s gone
    Is there anything wrong
    What’s up with Santa
    We wish we knew
    All the elves are wondering
    What we should do
    Oh! Dear
    What will we do
    Santa’s missing
    But it’s nothing new
    Last time
    Santa was missing
    Guess what he brought home
    A l...

  • Wake Up It's Santa's Birthday

    Wake Up
    It’s Santa’s birthday
    I said, Wake Up
    We’ve got to make him a cake

    Wake Up
    It’s Santa’s birthday
    It’s time we started
    Before he’s awake

    We’ve got to bake bake bake bake
    Start Mixing the dough
    Bake bake bake bake
    Watch the cake grow
    We’ve got to bake bake bake bake
    Santa can’t...

  • Santa's On His Way

    Santa’s on His Way
    Ring a bell
    All is well
    Santa’s on his way
    Bringing toys
    For girls and boys
    In time to play
    He’s never late
    We can’t wait
    Santa’s on his way
    On Christmas night
    When the moon is bright
    Everything will be okay
    Santa’s on his way
    Our tree is looking good
    Cake and milk are there

  • The Time of the Year

    The Time of the Year
    I just want to say
    It's time for Christmas
    The time of the year
    That warms your heart
    And if we could live
    Like Christmas day
    This time of the year
    Would mean more love
    Hold everyday
    Play everyday
    Smile everyday
    Love everyday
    Laugh everyday
    Pray everyday
    Embrace ever...

  • Santas Sweets

    Santa’s Sweets
    I think it’s time to tell you kids
    The kind of snacks I like
    On Christmas Eve when I stop by
    For a milk and a sweet bite
    A lot of things will make me smile
    Whatever you leave it out
    I love sweets to sweet to eat
    Of that there is no doubt
    If you find you have no stuff
    Like cookies, ...

  • Tonight Tonight

    Tonight Tonight
    Tonight tonight
    Santa will be here tonight
    You guys hang tight
    Your name’s on his list
    It’s all right
    He knows you try
    To be good like you should
    Look up don’t cry
    You did all that you could
    He knows it’s hard
    To be good everyday
    Brush my teeth
    Make the bed
    Change my socks
    Take a ...