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Watch this video and more on About Santa Christmas Karaoke

Watch this video and more on About Santa Christmas Karaoke

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I Wanna Get a Job with Santa

About Santa / Christmas Karaoke • 2m 23s

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  • If Jesus Met Santa Claus

    If Jesus met Santa

    If Jesus met Santa
    What would he say
    He’d tell Santa, love the kids
    And their dreams are all ok

    If Jesus meets Santa Claus
    You know what he do
    He’d give Santa all the love
    Like He gives to me and you

    And it’s ok to dream
    Of flying reindeer
    Pulling a sled of toys...

  • I See Santa

    It’ so easy to be good
    Be good in every way
    And the toys you want
    Will be there Christmas Day
    Be sure to do your chores Everyday
    That’s what Santa wants to see
    Santa wants us
    To be good girls and boys
    Do you see flying reindeer
    Pulling toys in a sleigh
    He’ll be here Christmas
    That’s what Santa sa...

  • Santa Says

    Santa Says
    Santa says he’ll be headed our way
    With a sled full of toys
    Some for me and you
    When he gets here
    We’ll be fast asleep
    Dreaming bout toys we asked him for
    Santa says he knows we’ve been good
    Doing chores helping out
    When and where we could
    Cleaning house and stuff like that
    It so easy ...